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March 07, 2007

Ronda Storms - Now Fucking With Families All Over the State of Florida

Ronda Storms, who wasn't just batshit crazy enough for Hillsborough County went and got herself elected to the Florida Senate last November. There, she continues the trend of batshit craziness.

Proposed legislation from Tampa's Sen. Ronda Storms would require
health care workers and abortion clinics to take DNA samples from
children younger than 16 who get pregnant.


If the bill passes, abortion clinics or doctors who don't comply with the law could face a two-year license suspension. So far Storms has no
co-sponsors. The bill has not been referred to a committee.

So let's say your daughter gets pregnant. You don't want to press charges against her irresponsible horny boyfriend and neither does she. You all just want to do whatever is best given the situation and move on in your lives. But no, there's no moving on! The Great State of Florida wants DNA samples.

Let say your daughter wants to have the child and the boyfriend wants to try to be a good daddy... but he can't because he's in jail. Let's say your daughter wants an abortion and just wants to put the whole thing behind her.... but she can't because she's wrapped up in a lawsuit she never wanted.

For someone who yaps (albeit sometimes incoherently) about being all family-friendly and whatnot, this putrid nonsense really has the potential to fuck with families when they are dealing with a serious crisis.

I think it might be time to for that lesbian motorcycle gang to ride up to Tallahassee and knock some sense into that woman.

I triple dog dare any of Florida's lawmakers to co-sponsor this rancid excuse for effective legislation.

March 05, 2007

Speaking of Ugly Cracks.....

In trying to get a visual on just how ugly it really was, I came across this - best viewed at home (it's not at all work-safe) with a friend, family member or perhaps a stoner neighbor who does cartoon voice impressions.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin is an Idiot for the nice CNN screen capture. Hopefully she'll be reporting soon on where the media was, and if they still smell funny.