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August 16, 2005

Lifestyles of the Disrespectful, Lazy and Ignorant

In a grandiosely unpatriotic display of hate towards our fallen soldiers and their families, a good 'ol boy ran over a bunch of crosses memorializing our fallen soldiers at Camp Casey in Crawford, TX.

Late Monday night, a man, described as being in his late forties or
early fifties, decided to run over the over crosses at Camp Casey that
serve as a memorial to the soldiers who have died in the war in Iraq.


People there said that as they were talking to a few members of the
press, a pick-up truck came down the road and stopped at the fork by the
edge of the tents. The driver then jumped out and attached a pipe to the undercarriage with a chain and began to "swerve into the line of crosses,"
said Tammara Rosenleaf from Montana. "Then we heard the pipe being
dragged over the gravemarkers and the pick-up's wheels crushing them."

Out of the 800 crosses, 500 were knocked down and 100 are irreperable.
However, the driver was arrested by the local authorities.

Also, the Crawford County Commission was going to meet to discuss closing off the road leading to Camp Casey and arrest any stragglers at the camp. But a nice property owner who lives right across from George and Laura's church has offered Cindy Sheehan the opportunity to move the camp to his property. Now they can hold more people and they are closer to the ranch!

And in other news from Crawford, while 55 service members have died in Iraq since August 1st, Bush spent the better part of yesterday working on his 'balanced life" and crisp decision-making skills by fishing, napping, reading, biking, watching baseball and lunching with Condi.


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