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September 09, 2005

Save Source Teen Theater

In another startling display of complete and utter contempt for young people, Hillsborough County Commissioner Ronda Storms continues to oppose funding Source Teen Theater. Planned Parenthood runs the program and Ronda doesn't like Planned Parenthood.

Programs such as Source Teen Theater help young people understand
whatis going on with their bodies and how to deal with it in a healthy
and safefashion, she said. The program works with teenagers, who write
their ownscripts and perform educational skits about such matters as
sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, abuse and bullying.

But lucky for us and the youth of Hillsborough County, Commissioners Kathy Castor and Tom Scott agreed on a motion to bring it back for consideration on Sept 22nd.

The vote came during a public hearing Thursday where several speakers
from the public expressed support for the program and none opposed
it.They included representatives of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and
Central Florida, educators, parents of teens who have participated in
the program and a sex therapist.


Judith Curts told board members she has a thriving sex therapy business
on Davis Islands, thanks in large part to peoples' unwillingness to talk
about the issue from a young age.

(For you local people, insert joke here about what a den of sin and incestuous bedroom community is Davis Islands where everyone knows your business.)

"I'm baffled ... that you would deny education about sexuality, which
is real, to our children," Curts said. "The 'Just Say No' attitude doesn't
work. I know that."

Really, when's the last time you heard someone "just saying no" on Davis Islands, anyway?

So email your county commissioner and tell him or her that Source Teen Theater is a valid and useful program, and that Ronda Storms' rabid hatred of all things reality-based should not get in the way of providing this valuable program to teens in Hillsborough County.