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August 17, 2005

Like Father Like Son

In the NY Times today, Maureen Dowd gives us a little blast from the past.

"I just don't like taking questions on serious matters on my vacation,"
the usually good-natured Bush senior barked at reporters on the golf
course. "So I hope you'll understand if I, when I'm recreating, will

Mind you, this was three days after he started the Gulf War.

And today, as the death toll of American servicemen and women in Iraq climbs to 59, and at least 43 people were killed today in a string of car bombings in Baghdad, George W. Bush continues his vacation. The longest vacation a president has taken in the last 36 years. Never mind that we are at war.

So I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Dubya is a chip off the old block. Like father like son.


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