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August 26, 2005

One More Reason to Go See the Buccaneers

Tens of thousands of Buccaneers fans pushing through the ticket
gates at the regular season opener Sept. 18 will find something new at
Raymond James Stadium.

A security guard waiting to pat them down.

Yay!!! And with the Bucs doing really poorly, not only can you get a good frisking, but the price of tickets purchased from scalpers are at an all time low. For the low, low price of maybe $30 or $40, you and a friend can see the game and get felt up!

All those plastered tailgaters are gonna love it too! "Honey, I don't know what yer lookin' fer, but I think it's a little to the left. Oooh, yeah. Right there! Now harder and faster, baby."


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