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August 08, 2005

The Thinkers on the Right

The Poorman's exceedingly worthy Honorable Mention for Wingnut of the week, is Wizbang.

This is what the brillint thinking man, Wizbang has to say:

But one thing I’ve noticed is that the right tends to dominate
the “thinkers” category. There’s the above-mentioned (and much missed)
Steven Den Beste, Wretchard, Austin Bay, Will Franklin, Bill Whittle,
and the non-blogging Victor Davis Hansen, just to name a few.

But where are the thinkers of the left? Where are the serious essayists,
the scholars, the contemplators who would provide balance to the sheer
intellectual power of the above? […]

I went looking through the big liberal blogs, and was left wanting.
Atrios? Nope. Eschaton? Nope. […]

Evidently he didn't put enough thought and research into this post to realize that Atrios and Eschaton are the same thing. Oh yeah, he's a thinker alight!

If you are looking for some serious scholarly blogging on the left, try Talking Points Memo, Matthew Yglesias or Ezra Klein. And those a host more out there. They aren't hard to find!


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