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September 12, 2005

Live Blogging a Sick Day

I'm staying home from work today and don't much feel like blogging about the regular stuff. But since I know you guys will worry yourselves sick if I don't post anything today, I figured I'll just live blog my day.

7:00am drove some friends home so they could go to work
7:45am went back to sleep
10:00am the phone rang, got some disconcerting news, but not disconcerting enough not to go back to sleep
10:10am went back to sleep
11:45am got up and ate a freezer burned bagel with cream cheese and read some stuff on George Bush is such an idiot. Wish I had some orange juice.
12:00pm watched an episode of Taxi. The one where Jim helps a fella from one of the networks with the programming schedule and Danny Devito catches a mouse then sets it free. Good stuff!
12:45pm showered. You know what they say. Once a week whether you need it or not. Re-discovered the skin pen tattoo on my arm of the daisy that says "thug life forever." Giggle, wondering if my friends had similar rediscovery experiences
12:55pm kicked Bart the beagle off the bath mat. It's not big enough for both of us.
1:15pm exfoliated and moisturized to the Arena Rock station. Yup. Haven't aged since 1988. Motley Crue dude.
1:30pm went to the home improvement store. Damn those construction workers are hot. Got fertilizer for the yard. I know, I know. The runoff into bay is killing the fish. But, but cloverleaf is taking over my grass and I just can't have it.
1:50pm Went to the library. Checked out three movies. Bread and Chocolate, Lars von Tiers's Epidemic and of course Underdog, the Alien Chronicles
2:15pm Stopped at the grocery store to satisfy my orange juice craving. And get some other essentials like packing tape and whipped cream.
2:30 watched Durbin and Brownback lecture John Roberts on CSPAN3 during the opening statements of his confirmation hearing. Yawn.
3:00pm started watching Bread and Chocolate.
3:49pm lost interest. But never fear. Underdog is here!
4:00pm Underdog saves the world from the ivasion of the Zots
4:19pm Polly and the Professer are thrown into the giant clam by the Empress of the bubble people of Maldamere
4:26 Our humble and lovable shoeshine boy saves the world from a tidal wave.
4:27 Nap time!

Tune in later for an frequently for exciting updates!


  • At September 12, 2005, Blogger sideshow bob said…

    I took a sick day today, too. Ah, the sinful rapture of napping on a drizzly afternoon!

  • At September 12, 2005, Anonymous ricky said…

    I bet Bart was ridiculously happy. Dogs don't understand sick days. It's just bonus people time! Plus, the people are sleepy and couch bound! Where a dog can easily pin the person down, and curl up in any number of very comfortable dog curling positions.

    Life is like that. It's good to remember. A sick day to you is like an unexpected special day to Bart.

  • At September 13, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    yes, Bart had a jolly good time hogging the couch and getting his belly rubbed more than usual.

    However, today he wasn't feeling well. I took him to the dog park yesterday evening, and he has a, um... what's the poo-eating fetish called, Ricky? I forget.

    Anyway, I tried to stop him, but it was too late. He didn't eat his breakfast, has a tummy ache, and looked really sad when I left.


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