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November 11, 2005

Is Turd Blossom Prematurely Blossoming?

The NY Times is reporting that Karl Rove (a.k.a Turd Blossom) is back to his old ornery and villainous self again after a brutal few months of hunkering down in fear of Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury.

"I've noticed a big difference," said one Republican in regular
contact with Mr. Rove who declined to speak for attribution because the
White House did not authorize it. "There's a spring in his step, more
focus, more - something. Some sort of weight off his shoulders."

A senior administration official said Mr. Rove was back "in a good
mood," sending off rapid-fire e-mail, sticking his head into meetings
uninvited and acting in a familiar, mischievous manner.

But is it just an Indian summer for Bush's Brain? He dodged the bullet this time and was not indicted, yet he was not cleared either. Fitzgerald's investigation is still ongoing, and could likely bring some more White House shenanigans to light.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch Karl.