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April 29, 2005

Friday Random Thoughts-Blogging Part I

I figured I'd take this opportunity to ramble on about some stuff I've been thinkin' about during the past 24 hours.

A good friend of mine is moving to South Carolina tomorrow. This fella, we'll call him Cory for the purpose of the essay, grew up here in Tampa on Davis Islands, and wants a change. He also loves to surf and there's not much of that going on down here.

We had a going away party for him last night at one of the local establishments. I'd say around 50 people showed up, his parents were there, the establishment gave us free pizza, he got a scrap book with pictures and messages, cards, a money tree to help with gas costs, a few gifts, countless hugs, and even a few sloppy kisses from that one girl who is always so wasted.

I almost got tears in my eyes when he was saying good bye to Bart the Beagle. Cory squatted down on Bart's level, Bart jumped up on his legs and gave him some very nice doggie kisses. And Bart doesn't give just anyone kisses. He's very particular. They say dogs are a very good judge of character, and I believe that.

So I was thinkin' why would anyone want to leave a place where so very many people love you? When I left Kansas, my going away party consisted of two or three friends and my parents helping me pack and clean my apartment. It was nice to get some help, of course, but certainly nothing like what was done for Cory.

He's going to South Carolina. He has a few friends there, and a good job opportunity, but how's he going to deal with the new scene? It's very different going from the bedroom community of Davis Islands, that you've lived in all your life, to a place where no one really knows you. He's 25 or so, has a great smile, a big heart, and a penchant for Jagermeister.

I'm sure he'll be just fine, and it will be a great adventure for him, but he will definitely be missed.