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July 25, 2005

What's John Roberts Been Smokin'?

And so it seems that even though Roberts and the White House keep saying that the Supreme Court nominee, John Roberts, was not part of the Federalist Society, he is listed as a member of the steering committee in 1997-98.

Now, what disturbs me the most here isn't that the White House lied. That is all to common place these days, and quite expected. It's not the John G. Roberts actually is or was part of the Federalist Society either. It's not surprising at all that Bush would pick someone from the ultra-conservative wacko legal group to be his first Supreme Court nominee.

No, what disturbs me the most, is that John G. Roberts evidently forgot he was on the steering committee for the Federalist Society. And it was just a few short years ago. If his memory is so horrible, that he can't remember being on the leadership committee of the Federalist Society, is he going to forget what's in the Constitution too?

Lots of folks his age smoked spliff after spliff in their college days, and I'm guessing Roberts was no different. And if his memory is so bad now, that he can't remember being on the steering committee of the Federalist Society seven years ago, then I'm just not sure I want him interpreting the Constitution for me.