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July 21, 2005

The State Department Gets Manhandled

Upon arriving in Sudan, Condoleezza Rice and her posse, didn't realize what was in store for them.

El-Bashir's guards elbowed Americans and tried to rip a tape away
from a U.S. reporter. At another point, Rice's interpreter and some other
aides accompanying her were blocked at a gate.


But there was yet another scuffle with security shortly after he
apologized when a U.S. television reporter tried to ask el-Bashir a
question about his involement with alleged atrocities.

Guards grabbed the diminutive reporter and muscled her toward the rear
of the room as State Department officials shouted at the guards to
leave her alone.


"Diplomacy 101 says you don't rough your guests up," Rice senior
adviser Jim Wilkinson had said earlier...

Now that all depends on what kind of a shindig you are throwing, doesn't it? And from what I understand, Mistress Condi doesn't mind when things get a little rough.


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