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August 17, 2005

CIA didn't invited Negroponte to Their Party

Eight former CIA directors had a little soiree yesterday, honoring the position that was eliminated.

CIA Director Porter J. Goss threw a wake yesterday.

With eight former intelligence chiefs at his side, including former president George H.W. Bush, Goss honored the influential and powerful position they have all held: director of central intelligence, a job that no longer exists.


John D. Negroponte, who took over the DCI's responsibilities of briefing
the president and coordinating the country's 15 intelligence agencies
under the newly created title of director of national intelligence, did
not attend the party at the CIA's headquarters in Langley. Goss's office
could not remember whether he had been invited. Negroponte's office said
he would not have made it anyway because he was traveling.

Not that anyone is bitter or feels left out or anything. But when you pee in the punch bowl and try to play Fernando by Abba over and over, you tend to not get invited back.