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September 13, 2005

Throbbing Artery to Re-Open Soon

There's no water for the "wash the girl of your choice" service and
there aren't any girls either, but Big Daddy's strip club on New Orleans'
Bourbon Street is getting ready to bring back erotic spectacle to the
devastated city.

Friday night on Bourbon Street, usually a throbbing artery of the
party-going French Quarter, was pretty grim this time around in what has
become a foul-smelling ghost town partly covered with a swamp of filthy

For those of you ladies that haven't given of your time or money to help the affected people on the Gulf Coast, Big Daddy's strip club in the French Quarter is almost ready to open. They've defied the evacuation order and are looking for some ladies to dance... er, strip... or, um, whatever it is they do.

With all the military and law enforcement folks away from home, this seems like a logical step. After a hard day of cleaning up dead bodies, corralling up folks who don't want to leave and taking away their guns, a man's gonna want to relax and hang out with a bunch of sweaty guys and a few naked ladies, right?


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