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October 25, 2005

Two-Pronged Strategy

The last time I heard someone recommend a "two-pronged" strategy, I was window shopping at The Todd Superstore. But now it seems like the Republicans are devising a similar plan to repel the tsunami of criticism that's gonna start flowing from the upcoming indictments in the Plame-outing investigation.

According to the Daily News, the Bush "war room" has come up with a
two-pronged strategy to deal with indictments, if they're are issued:
1) claim that Karl Rove "simply got tripped up" on his recollections of
whom he talked to and what he told them about Plame; and 2) cast perjury
and obstruction charges as "irrelevant."

Call it a hunch, but I think they'll have to do better than this. Kay
Bailey Hutchison tried the second of these two ideas over the weekend and
has been the subject of ridicule ever since.

Then again, when the White House is caught leaking classified information
to cover up lies about a war, and then lying again to cover it up, options
are rather limited.

I'm not sure if their two-pronged strategy will be as effective as the one the nice saleslady at The Todd recommended, but at the very least, it will be fun to watch them squirm.


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