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October 13, 2005

Rush Limbaugh's Fantasy World

It appears that Rush Limbaugh, is a wee bit miffed that he wasn't included in the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency's list of "ubersexual" men.

Included in the list were Donald Trump, Ewan McGregor, Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart, Bono and Pierce Brosnan. All of these some combination of rich, good-looking and talented. Where as Rush is none of the above. Well, he might be rich, that is unless he spent all his earnings on that little oxycontin addiction.

Just using the term "ubersexual" and "Rush Limbaugh" in the same sentence is enough to send girls and women of all ages yelling and screaming in a frenzy to the brain-floss and sanitizer section of the grocery store. What was he thinking? Ew.

Now if J. Walter Thompson made a list of obese drug-addict windbags, I'm sure Rush would be right up there near the top of the list. So hang in there, Rush. You'll get yours.


  • At October 13, 2005, Blogger Sylvana said…

    He really needs to kick that addiction so that he can live in the reality-based world.
    He looks like a zit. Big, fat, white, a little red, and definitely irritating.

  • At October 13, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    Perhaps he got confused at the drug store. Rather than picking up some Oxy acne scrub, he went straight for the oxycontin.

  • At October 13, 2005, Blogger rod said…

    There aren't many people toward whom I have ill will, or upon whom I wish harm, but I would definitely not piss on this man if he were on fire, not to mention that I would seriously enjoy his comeuppance, ubersexual or otherwise.

  • At October 13, 2005, Blogger Gordon said…

    I would gleefully piss on him, but like Rod says, not if he was on fire.


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