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November 21, 2005

Commissioner Ronda Storms Leads Gang Rape

In her mad quest for power and unquenched thirst for the un-tainted blood of reality-based, sane county commissioners, one of Satan's most loyal minions, Commissioner Ronda Storms led a gangland-style rape of Kathy Castor's positions of responsibility.

Commissioner Ronda Storms got things going by suggesting that
commissioners simply keep their assignments of the past year. If they
wanted another assignment, they could put their names forward. The
board would vote for either the current post holder or the commissioner
now seeking the same spot.

Then Storms put her name forward. For the Children's Board. For
chairmanship of the Environmental Protection Commission. For the
Executive Policy Group, the panel that deals with hurricane
preparedness and other emergency situations - all seats held by

Commissioner Mark Sharpe was also interested in the Executive Policy
Group. Storms withdrew her name for that one, leaving the choice
between Castor and Sharpe.

The votes went 5-2, 5-2, 5-2, with Castor's lone fellow Democrat,
Tom Scott, siding with her. And with that, Castor had lost three of her
most high-profile and coveted assignments. Then, for good measure, Ken
Hagan asked for a seat on the Metropolitan Planning Organization, a group
that deals with transportation and includes four commissioners.
Specifically, he wanted Castor's seat.


Attempts to reach Storms and Hagan after the meeting were unsuccessful.

... as they were attempting to clean up the DNA evidence.

So now Ronda is in charge of The Children's Board and the Environmental Protection Commission. So when your kids get fed to right-wing and corporate vampires, you'll know why. And when the toxic sludge and smog here in Tampa get thicker and gookier, while Ronda's campaign war chest gets fatter and fatter, it will be no surprise.


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