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November 01, 2005

Going Down Swinging

After blogging for almost year now, I've learned a lot of mean nasty things about our government. The corruption, greed, hate and unadulterated evil is flowing copiously from the White House and the Legislative branch, and is threatening the Supreme Court as well. We've got three years of Chimpy left, and sometimes I think we all get Bush Fatigue. Bush Fatigue is when you see so much fucked up stuff that you simply can't believe this is happening to your country and you think maybe it's not worth the fight. Maybe we should all move to Canada or the Caribbean or Europe.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love The Poor Man? He's married and all now, so I'll have to worship him from afar, but that's the breaks, right? Nonetheless, he's got a fantastic post about the Alito nomination and how Democrats should fight back, even if resistance is futile.

What I can't understand is how a situation where you perpetually
give Republicans your lunch money is supposed to be better than the one
where you make them push you into a snowbank and take it from you.
From a lunch money perspective, there's no difference at all, and
while you may end up with a dirty mouthful of frozen slush, you might
get in a shot or two that would make them think twice about trying it


The nuclear option is Tom DeLay's version of Double Secret
Probation, and it needs to be dealt with in the same glorious fashion.
Perhaps Alito is Neidermeyer in this analogy, or perhaps he is someone
else, I don't really know. What I do know is that this situation
absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on
somebody's part. Here, I'll get you started: considering a range of
data from Alito to the rape of boys in Abu Ghraib to the seemingly
endless parade of conservative Republican child molesters, would it
be possible to identify any issue on which Republicans are more united
than on their God-given right to engage in private and government-
funded pedophilia? Off you go.

I know sometimes things just don't seem right. We are all truly amazed at how much wool Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the whole beastly lot of them can yank over the eyes of the unsuspecting American people. We wonder if we can ever recover from the damage they've done to our country. But hang in there guys. Keep fighting the good fight. It will be over soon. I promise.


  • At November 01, 2005, Anonymous Gordon said…

    Excellent point. Always fight back, and never give up. Make 'em work to get what they want. Heck, maybe you even win sometimes. Sometimes you can hit somebody hard enough that their discomfiture, or the surprised and pained look on their face, makes you feel good.

    That's an analogy, of course. I am a good Christian and Liberal and would never hit anybody.

    The corollary to fighting is: Never threaten, never warn. Just come out of the box full tilt boogie. The object, and the Repubs know this well, is to win, not to play a sportsmanlike game. Hit 'em hard, get 'em down, then kick 'em 'til they can't get up and hurt you. Break bones so they can't come after you for a while for revenge. Make them scared of you. No rules.

    Not nice, just necessary.

  • At November 05, 2005, Blogger Sylvana said…

    I have always lived by the philosophy that it is better to fight for what you believe in even if you know that you will get your ass whooped because at least you can hold your head up high knowing you did all you could, and you can at least do some damage in the process- and sometimes, things turn in ways that no one anticipated and you just might win after all.


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