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November 14, 2005

Ronda Storms Continues Her Assault on the Children of Hillsborough County

Yes, the wicked witch of East Hillsborough County is at it again.

This time stealing money from needy children.

IMAGO Magazine's fifth annual Auction for Angels is supposed to take place Nov. 19, but now it may not take place at all. This year, they expected to raise $30,000 for A Gift for Teaching of Tampa, which distributes school supplies to needy children and teachers, and Blooming Place for Kids, a Clearwater charity for neglected and abused children.

However, because of Ronda's extreme hatred of needy and abused children, she may have single-handedly squashed the event.

Ronda received an invitation in the mail for Auction for Angels and damned near shit herself right in her too-tight panty-hose when she saw that Joe Redner Enterprises was a sponsor for the event. Redner was generous enough to donate $500 to the event. For those of you that may not know, Joe Redner also owns a strip club along with a fitness club and lots of other real estate.

Storms said she called three other businesses shown as sponsors -
Wyndham Westshore, Decker Ross Interiors and the Tampa Bay
Lightning - to ask whether they knew that Redner also was a sponsor
and that they were being linked with the adult entertainment industry.
She was troubled by the invitation'’s use of a girl's picture near
Redner'’s logo.


"This girl is a very little girl," Storms said. "It looks to me in the
picture like she still has her baby teeth. Anytime it looks to me like a
child is being exploited, and in my opinion associating a child with the
adult entertainment industry looks like they're being exploited, then I'm
going to address that."

Yes Ronda, that child is being exploited. And all the other children that stand to lose from you crushing this event are being exploited too. But not by Joe Redner or by the adult entertainment industry. They are being exploited by you and your batshit agenda, for your political gain, plain and simple.

Thanks to Blogwood for getting up early Sunday morning to tell us about this!


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