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December 15, 2005

Republican Congressman Gets an A in Math but an F in Logic

Not only did Jeff Miller (R-FL) make a preposterous comparison, but then he goes on to solely blame Louisiana Governor, Kathleen Blanco for a natural disaster.

"We had mandatory evacuations," Blanco said. "We got 1.2 million
people out. We ended up saving another 100,000 people and we lost 1,100.
That's the whole story. We got people out."

Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., said Blanco's explanation was "a story that'’s
not acceptable because 1,100 people is one half of the men and women we
have lost in Operation Iraqi Freedom."

"You lost that many on one day," Miller said.

Shot back Blanco: "Then it'’s not acceptable for us to lose ... soldiers,

The soldiers in Iraq that have given their lives were sent there by the government. It was a purely discretionary move and didn't have to happen. Congress gave Bush the right to declare war willy-nilly, and then he did just that, sending over 2,000 of our brave men and women off to die for a lie. Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster that couldn't be stopped. Big difference.

And isn't the quote "you lost that many on one day," just precious? Like Blanco conjured up the hurricane herself and made sure that those 1100 people would die. At least she wasn't hanging out at her ranch in Crawford, Texas for four days after the storm struck.

Afterwards, Jeff Miller could be heard mumbling about how mean Governor Blanco is because she wouldn't give him any candy and how 1100 really is half of 2200.


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