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December 12, 2005

Spreading Freedom Around the World

Move over Abu Ghraib, there's a new Iraqi prison in town where you can go to get electric shocks, broken bones, cigarette burns and one those new-fangled Iraqi manicures where your fingernails are ripped off (not to be confused with the French manicure, where the tips of your nails are painted white).

An Iraqi government search of a detention center in Baghdad operated
by Interior Ministry special commandos found 13 prisoners who had
suffered abuse serious enough to require medical treatment, U.S. and
Iraqi officials said Sunday night.

An Iraqi official with firsthand knowledge of the search said that at
least 12 of the 13 prisoners had been subjected to "severe torture,"
including sessions of electric shock and episodes that left them with
broken bones.

"Two of them showed me their nails, and they were gone," the official
said on condition of anonymity because of security concerns.

So, it seems that the new order from General Pace that "absolutely the responsibility of every U.S. service member if they see inhumane treatment being conducted to intervene to stop it," is perhaps being disregarded. I mean really, isn't pointing, laughing and taking pictures a lot more fun, anyway?