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February 16, 2006

The Irony Meter at the St. Pete Times

Some Tampa Bay area residents were outraged on the plethora of coverage the St. Pete Times gave to Dick Cheney's "hunting" "accident."

They're going to make a big deal about two men who didn't even use
common sense in trying to bring down a defenseless bird?


So, please, don't let this agony take up any more of our valuable time, for goodness' sake. Please get back to minding the store.

So, The St. Pete Times did what any apple-pie democracy-lovin' Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper would do, and devoted their entire Opinion Page to the issue today.

If you are at all still confused as to why this is an issue the American people should be aware of, go read Bottle of Blog where the posts are peppered with the f-word, the analysis is always intriguing, and these compelling questions are posed.

If it was simple, careless, stupidity--why the fuck did it take the
Vice President five days to talk about it?

Why did it take five days for the White House to provide a time line of

Why all the conflicting stories?

Why the fourteen hour delay to talk to the local cops?

Why all the confusion within the White House itself over events and time?

Why the original blaming of Whittington for getting shot, which has been,
five days later, rejected by Cheney?

Why the scrubbing of any mention of beer on the day of the shooting to
have Cheney, five days later, say, hey, maybe he had a beer or two?

Why the idiotic descriptions of Whittington being "peppered" and
"bruised" when the guy was airlifted to a hospital and spent three days
in the ICU ward?


  • At February 16, 2006, Blogger Neil Shakespeare said…

    Yeah, Ricky's great, isn't he? Whenever I think about writing about something I go check there first. If he's done something on it then I go back to my little cartoons cuz I know it's all been said.


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