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February 08, 2006

How to Identify Terrorists

While NASA may not be safe from young Bush appointees who lie on their resumes and try to influence the things that climate scientists say, I'm happy to say they are safe from six year-olds.

Here we have kindergarteners at Taft Elementary:

The kindergarten class at Lakewood's Taft Elementary was planning a
field trip to NASA Glenn Research Center.


But school principal Margaret Seibel says this year's trip for Taft kindergarteners -- we'’re talking 6-year-olds here -- had to be canceled due
to homeland security concerns.

Since new security regulations went into effect in May 1, 2005, access
to the Visitor Center is restricted to United State citizens. All others
might be terrorists.

And then we have George C. Deutsch.

...Mr. Deutsch played a small but significant role in an intensifying
effort at the agency to exert political control over the flow of
information to the public.

Such complaints came to the fore starting in late January, when James E.
Hansen, the climate scientist, and several midlevel public affairs
officers told The Times that political appointees, including Mr. Deutsch,
were pressing to limit Dr. Hansen's speaking and interviews on the threats
posed by global warming.

Yesterday, Dr. Hansen said that the questions about Mr. Deutsch's
credentials were important, but were a distraction from the broader
issue of political control of scientific information.

"He's only a bit player," Dr. Hansen said of Mr. Deutsch. " The problem
is much broader and much deeper and it goes across agencies. That's
what I'm really concerned about."

Now who is the real terrorist here? Children wanting to learn about NASA's space program, or some Bush crony trying to kill us by impeding the flow of scientific information about global warming?

You know that the priorities of the Bush Administration are completely out of whack when you see stuff like this.


  • At February 08, 2006, Blogger Gene Cowan said…

    Hmm. Restricted to US citizens? Haven't they heard? According to Mr. Bush, we are the enemy as well -- at least, that's why he's listening to our phone calls, right?

    Just wondering... how do they know that the people calling us are from al Qaeda... and if they know al Qaeda's phone numbers, then... oh, nevermind.

  • At February 08, 2006, Blogger Neil Shakespeare said…

    I think children should be put in CHARGE of NASA. Heck, this Deutsch is not long out of diapers himself, but that doesn't stop him from trying to push around a few of those uppity skientits.


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