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February 27, 2006

Katherine Harris, High Dollar Fetish Hooker???

As some of you probably already know, Katherine Harris got $32,000 in illegal campaign contributions from Mitchell Wade, former chief executive of MZM Inc.

Now I've pondered and studied this long and hard and can only come to one conclusion.

Katherine Harris must be an high-dollar fetish prostitute.

She accepted $32,000. All of it from Mitchell Wade. The checks came from other people, but Wade refunded the check amount to those people. So yes. All $32,000 came from Wade.

Harris and Wade are claiming that he wanted her to push legislation to fund an MZM plant in Sarasota, however it was never funded. So what, exactly did Wade get for his $32,000, you ask?

Well, after "dinner at an expensive Washington restaurant," watching Harris twirl her hair, do that silly school-girl giggle as she ordered each subsequent cocktail, and no doubt enjoying the whole dinner in profile, as she does her Fox News interviews, I'm guessing Wade was defenseless. He was more than willing to spend $32,000 to get Harris to perform whatever twisted activity helps get his rocks off.

Now $32,000 is a lot of money. So obviously, she's more than the run-of-the-mill wham, bam thank you ma'am hooker. For $32,000, she must be doing some really freaky shit.

Far be it from me to engage in wild speculation, but poo eating, maybe? Diaper changing, perhaps? Three orifices at one time? It's gotta be something exotic and niche-y, if she's charging $32,000, right?

So I think the moral of the story here boys is, if you're gonna hire a freaky hooker, you better make damn good and sure, she's not a Republican running for U.S. Senate, or you too could be looking at doing some time in the slammer.


  • At February 27, 2006, Anonymous jobsanger said…

    Maybe he gave her the money so he wouldn't have to do her. If I was that rich, I'd be willing to give at least that much just to get rid of her. Besides, the thought of the two of them going at it makes me want to retch.


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