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May 09, 2006

That Spunky Katherine Harris

I gotta hand it to Katherine Harris. After Jeb Bush said all those mean, nasty things about her to the press, not a single word of acrimony passed her lips. In fact, she said he's done an extraordinary job.

"With all due respect to the governor - because I think he's done an
extraordinary job - we know we can win and we have a strategy to do so," she said.

Such a dignified lady.

However, as she states in this video, that people don't want her to be "part of the club" and now she "can absolutely draw that line in the sand for always." Sounds like a veiled threat, if you ask me... Will she start her own club in her own treehouse and hang out the "No Jeb!s Allowed" sign? Will she besiege his ankles like rabid shi tzu if Jeb comes over to her corner of the sandbox?

I think she could give Florida House Speaker, Allan Bense a run for his money. Besides, she's got spunk.

"With all the bad publicity so far, many others would have thrown in
the towel," Jefferson County Commissioner Jerry Sutphin said. "But
Katherine's got spunk, and we need someone in Washington with a little

And as we all know, spunk is slang for semen and Washington certainly needs more of that.