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April 24, 2006

Fear and Moaning in the West Wing

The Fear and Loathing that Hunter S. Thompson felt has now found it's way home to the White House and has morphed slightly along the way.

There is fear and moaning in the West Wing these days as Andrew Card
Jr., the genial father figure who promoted a family- friendly White
House, has been replaced as chief of staff by Joshua Bolten, a Goldman
Sachs-trained workaholic who is exposing President George W. Bush's
aides to market forces.

Unfortunately, the world's only superpower will now be expecting twelve hour days and not allowing it's staff members to take off early for their kids' school funtions.

With all this money and power we've nicked from exploiting the earth's resources, all the other countries and a whole buncha poor people, the least we could do would be use some our illicit wealth to treat the staff nicely.

But imperialism is "hard work" and we must be ever vigilant even if it is the children that will suffer.