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April 20, 2005

The New Food Pyramid

Greg Beato thinks the U.S. Department of Agriculture is up to something a bit sinister with the new food pyramid.

Sure, the new USDA food pyramid may look harmless, or maybe even "healthy." But it doesn't take a professional sin-sniffer quivering with Christ-love to see what's going on here. Once again, homosexual activists have hijacked a trusted icon of sensible nutrition to brainwash schoolkids into thinking sodomy is a perfectly wholesome alternative to lunch at McDonald's....And while it never explicitly mentions "homosexuality," it's gayer than a pair of chintz ass chaps, and riddled with homosexual code-words like "meat" (homosexual for cock), "nuts" (homosexual for big, heavy balls) and "milk" (homosexual for man syrup). Nice try, fruit-lovers! The boycott starts now.

I knew those lunch ladies were up to something. Now I see they are just part of the vast gay conspiracy.


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