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June 30, 2005

The Poor Man Takes a 'Vacation'

It seems that The Poor Man is going to rehab for a week, and has a bevy of amazingly adept and accomplished bloggers filling in for him during his stint at the Betty Ford Clinic.

ThaEditorz: Dude this is gonna B sweet Im totally gonna get baked.
< ====>~~~
Norbizness: I’ll have to admit, TE.
This is by far the worst case of money laundering since those geeks in
Office Space had to look it up in the dictionary. Also, I have to compliment
you on the impressive ASCII joint.
ThaEditorz: Look its gettin smaller < ==>~~~ Hand me my roach clip
Norbizness: So are there any content guidelines you want me to follow
during your profound absence?
Norbizness: Are you there?
ThaEditorz: Sorry dude the fuckin extras on the I’m With Busey DVD
are off the hook! Why did they delete those scenes to begin with?
Norbizness: It does seem wrong to try and limit Gary Busey to a
heavily edited 22 minutes of TV time.
ThaEditorz: <> Oops all gone. What did U want again?
Norbizness: I mean, you’ve pretty much covered the mendacity of the
Bush Adminsitration, the craven idiocy of National Review columnists, and
the adorability of kittens at play… what could I possibly add?
ThaEditorz: Dude, dude. Get a fat guy in diapers. Those idiot comment
people love a fat guy in a diaper. His Mom’s totally yelling at him. MOW
Norbizness: I think you’ve got that covered as well. It is, I might
add, a brilliant distillation of the warblogging leitmotif.
ThaEditorz: What the fuck ever dude. This is boring. Your boring.
Busey could kick yer azz. Dumbass weak blog havin’ motherfukker.
Norbizness: I.. don’t know quite how to respond to that.
ThaEditorz: Dont get yer panties in a bunch dude just keep the shit
flowin and itll be all good.
Norbizness: Well, have a good time in Jamaica rehab.
ThaEditorz: Fuck off brownnoser.

Strap yourself in, it's gonna be an interesting week.