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June 29, 2005

Prison Ships

What will that wacky U.S. Government think of next?

Prison ships! Used to 'interrogate' prisoners in international waters, away from the all-to constraining U.S. Laws.

The use of prison ships would allow investigators to interrogate
people secretly and in international waters out of the reach of US
law, British security expert Francis Tusa said.

"This opens the door to very tough interrogations on key prisoners
before it even has been revealed that they have been captured," said
Tusa, an editor for the British magazine Jane's Intelligence Review.

Perhaps now we know why the Bill O'Reilly Carribean Cruise was canceled. Maybe he got a more lucrative gig aboard the U.S.S. Gulag.

I know if Bill O'Reilly was flapping his jaws at me and there was no way out, I'd tell all my secrets in a heartbeat, just to get the hell out of there.


  • At June 29, 2005, Blogger kelley b. said…

    They got the idea from Chile I think.

    Although it's hard to tell. Negroponte was knocking around South America, hiring Chilean expatriots for secret wars in the Honduras in the '80s as well as for mercenaries in Iraq more recently.

    Nice qualification for Head of Fatherland Security, no?


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