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July 15, 2005

Darn, that Liberal Media

All Spin Zone points to an NPR interview where ABC's Ann Compton professes how gawd awful blowjobs are compared to treason.

Renee Montagne: Do any of these grillings that you’ve covered over
three decades in the White House stand out to you?

Ann Compton: The most difficult moments are when we’re dealing not with
policy, but with human failings, and I think the darkest months that I
covered at the White House was at the beginning of the second term of Bill
Clinton. President Clinton was accused of engaging in...“behavior”...with
an intern, and how offensive many people found it, and the fact that it
later turned out the president lied to the country, and lied to federal
prosecutors, made that the darkest and most unhappy time I’ve ever
covered here.

In other reports of this type of glaring librul bias in the media, Ricky points to a CNN story that gives some alarming statistics that over a dozen republicans, including one former GOP leader and one GOP consultant outside Washington, D.C. support the White House. Shocking!!!