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July 13, 2005

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes in Homeland Security

Practicing their gerunds, The Washington Post reports that Secretary Michael Chertoff is planning on shakin' up the Department of Homeland Security. Identifying, Prioritizing, Planning, Reorganizing, Restructuring, Improving, Redirecting, Strengthening, Changing, Protecting.

Chertoff also wants to "fine-tune" the color-coded threat advisory system. I'm guessing he wants kinder gentler colors. Maybe pastels or more muted shades. Perhaps maybe something that looks less like the rainbow flag that those homos can't seem to stop waving, which by the way, is the real threat facing our nation.

Rumor has it, he'll be spending the better part of the weekend comparing paint swatches at his neighborhood Lowe's Home Improvement store.