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July 01, 2005

Justice O'Connor Resigns With Really Boring Letter

So, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor turned in her resignation today.

Dear President Bush:

This is to inform you of my decision to retire from my position as an
associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States effective
upon the nomination and confirmation of my successor. It has been a
great privilege, indeed, to have served as a member of the court for
24 terms. I will leave it with enormous respect for the integrity of the
court and its role under our constitutional structure.


Sandra Day O'Connor

All I have to say right now is 'what a boring-ass resignation letter.' What about slamming some of the other Justices for being such jerks? Isn't that what resignation letters are for? It's not like it would matter if she burned a bridge or two at this stage of her career.

Of course she has to stay on until a successor is found. Maybe she's afraid they'll put pee in her coffee or not invite her to anymore happy hours.


  • At July 01, 2005, Blogger J.Klein said…

    I agree....she totally should have taken a shot or two at Scalia in that letter...or at least made some inside joke about Scalia's small "robe size"

  • At July 02, 2005, Blogger Robert C. said…

    Ahhhh...but just wait until the BOOK comes out!!! Maybe she'll out Rehinquist about their dates so many years ago (they were classmates at Stanford Law School).


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