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July 18, 2005

Stuff You Should Read

Today I told my boss that I was ready for more stuff to do, and he replied that he'd get with me on that within the next few days, but until then I can goof off. Yay!!!

So here's the product of my goofing off. I found some neato posts that you guys might also find interesting.

The whole nanny blog thing is interesting. However not in the 'hot steamy nanny'-kind of way you might think. More in a 'why are people so fucked up', kind of way.

The Carpetbagger suggests that Bush wants to step it up a notch on nominating a Supreme Court Justice to replace O'Conner in order to get his turd-blossom buddy, Karl Rove off the front pages.

Rather than firing anyone in his Administration having anything to do with a C.I.A. leak, George Bush has moved the goal-posts and said he would fire anyone in his Administration who commits a crime.

One of the latest theories on the Plame outing is that Judith Miller heard it from John Bolton or Cheney, or someone on their staffs, then Miller spilled the beans to Rove, and Rove told Cooper and Novak. And that is why Miller is opting to go to jail rather than testify. She's really the leaker.