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July 28, 2005

War on Pelvic Thrusts

While browsing around the American Family Association website (where the meek should not tread), I found this little doozy, and it really made me giggle.

This lady is waiting for her husband at the gym and she's watching a music video that displays, of all things, pelvic thrusts. She is horribly offended. It's funny. Go read it.

All around me, body parts are in motion. From the moment I push open
the giant glass doors, give my card for the greeters to slide through the
computer and head to the locker room, the signs of body action are


They lick their lips and shoot us sultry glances. She against him, him
against her ... and her ... and her. A chorus line of pelvic thrusts, and I
suddenly want this song to end.


Customer service needs to hear from us. We need to restore our sense
of propriety that has been dulled by years of pelvic thrusts set to music.
Reshaping the soul of a nation, like reshaping the body, comes from
attending to what matters ... every little thing.

This woman is seriously repressed.


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