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July 26, 2005

What Clear Channel and Veruca Salt Have in Common - The Sequel

Veruca Salt was a bad egg, and thus the egg-dicator indicated that she was a bad egg and off she went to the incinerator. Similarly, Judge Charlene Honeywell of the Hillsborough Circuit indicated yesterday that Clear Channel is a bad egg.

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Charlene Honeywell ruled that media giant
Clear Channel Entertainment, owner of the amphitheater at the state
fairgrounds, does not have immunity from local noise regulations.


Clear Channel, a San Antonio-based company that owns 41
amphitheaters and about 1,200 radio stations, had sought to attach
itself to the Fair Authority, which Honeywell had ruled enjoys sovereign
immunity as an arm of state government.

In her ruling, Honeywell cited the lease agreement Clear Channel signed
with the Fair Authority in 2003. Clear Channel and the Fair Authority
"have a landlord-tenant relationship," Honeywell said. "The Fair
Authority has little or no control over Clear Channel. They (Clear
Channel) are not an agent of the state."

Clear Channel should be thanking their lucky stars that they didn't come to the same end as Veruca, the bad egg.

The judge also pointedly urged both sides to stop wasting court time
and taxpayer money and come to a settlement.


As both parties returned to court-ordered mediation Monday, Honeywell
emphasized that the clock was ticking on what has become a lengthy and
costly legal battle.

"It's not a very difficult issue," she said. "The only people profiting
are the attorneys. The citizens are not winning, and as long as this
case keeps going on, they continue to lose."

Thanks so much, Clear Channel, for wasting my money.

The article in the St. Pete Times says that concerts will continue for now, but one of my operatives indicated that the Anger Management 3 Tour will be moved to a different venue.

How appropriate.