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August 17, 2005

Tampa Bay's Finest, Players, and Whores

Fathers, lock up your daughters. You can let them free in 2010. Vinney Lecavalier signed a four year 27.5 million deal with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Boltsmag has the roster so far.

In other local news, two women, age 47 and 50, were arrested for solicitation of prostitution and massage without a license at a "spa" in Largo, FL. Luckily, Tampa Bay's finest, were able to crack this case wide open.

Detectives turned their attention to Kiwi Spa after receiving tips that
the business served only men and stayed open past midnight.


The spa was decorated more like an apartment than a massage parlor, with
private, furnished rooms and individual showers.

Now, if the detectives could only solve this big mystery of "where the women are coming from and how they end up in Largo."


  • At August 17, 2005, Anonymous ricky said…

    Why, after a year long lock out, are players being signed for six million dollar a year contracts???

    Hockey seems determined to destroy itself. But I just can't tell who's stupider: the players or the owners.

    Did everyone in hockey take a puck to the temple?


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