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September 30, 2005

Katrina is to Howling Wind as Monica is to a......

Via the Alternate Brain, we have an interview by TomDispatch featuring Cindy Sheehan saying that Katrina will be Bush's Monica.

CS: Katrina was a natural disaster that nobody could help, but the
man-made disaster afterwards was just horrible. I mean, number one, all
our resources are in Iraq. Number two, what little resources we did have
were deployed far too late. George Bush was golfing and eating birthday
cake with John McCain while people were hanging off their houses praying
to be rescued. He's so disconnected from this country -- and from reality.
I heard a line yesterday that I thought was perfect. This man said he
thinks Katrina will be Bush's Monica. Only worse.

So here's your Friday afternoon quiz. Pick the best answer.

Michael Brown is to New Orleans residents as....

A. Dick Cheney is to Abu Ghraib prisoners
B. Repealing the estate tax is to Paris Hilton
C. The Rude Pundit is to Two Years
D. A fine cigar is to Monica Lewinsky
E. Something else

Choose wisely.


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