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September 29, 2005

Stormy Afternoon on the Crosstown

Our favorite homophobic County Commissioner was pulled over yesterday by a law enforcement official on the Crosstown Expressway in her Ford Explorer.

Wonder if she called the law enforcement official "the most incompetent law enforcement official in the history of the universe," or if she reserves such language just for other County Commissioners that she disagrees with.

My source, who wishes to remain anonymous, could see that her license tag sticker was obscured by her license tag frame-thingy, and it did not appear that she had her seat belt on. It also appeared that she did not get a ticket.

You'd think any self-respecting County Commissioner would follow the law and wear her seatbelt. Bad, Bad County Commissioner. Naughty. Naughty.


  • At September 29, 2005, Anonymous tim said…

    Storms covered in Selmon Sludge is a sight I'd like to see. Or even her car, for that matter.

  • At September 29, 2005, Blogger Ben said…

    I remember a meeting she was supposed to lead pertaining to noise from the CSX trains that go behind my parent's house. She showed up 45 min late and then told the crowd of about 100 citizens that they had 30 min because she had to go pick up her kids. Why is this wench still in office?


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