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September 28, 2005

Oh Happy Day!!

The left blogosphere certainly is in a tizzy with all this talk about Tom DeLay being indicted.

It's got Zoe Kentucky from Demagogue waxing on about double and even triple ended (gasp!) probes.

It's got Richard Cranium from All Spin Zone gettin' that same cozy feeling he got back in 1974. Something to do with the Nixon Administration or all those drugs those hippies took back then?

It's got Kos a countin' that 11 of 15 politicians Ronnie Earle has prosocuted are democrats. So there oughta be none of that talk of him being a partisan witch-hunter.

It's got Raw Story going "hmmmm" about the earlier pick of an outed gay man that lives with his Chief of Staff and rewards him most handsomely, to temporarily replace Mr. DeLay. But since the GOP is really the party of James Dobson, Roy Blunt has been selected as the replacement.

And as you can see from my previous post, it's got me hoppin' down the bunny trail, and those crazy guys from Alternate Brain doing their Dance of Joy with motor oil and feathers.

It's gonna be the best Drinking Liberally ever, tonight!!!

It's still unclear whether Wayne will do his victory dance tonight at New World Brewery, or wait for the conviction.

And as you can see, even Bart is doing his happy dance.


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