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September 26, 2005

Ronda Storms Continues Her Assault on Hillsborough County

My favorite County Commissioner, Ronda Storms is up to her usual antics again.

Wednesday at the County Commission meeting, good 'ol Ronda blurted out that Commissioner Kathy Caster is the "most incompetent politician in the history of the universe."

Evidently, Storms was ticked because Castor brought up spending some money on neighborhood projects and it wasn't on the agenda. Similarly, Storms has a history of bringing up stuff that's not on the agenda, so it's unclear why her panties were so very bunchy.

But today, little Ronda came clean and 'fessed up. Yes, she is in fact, a hypocritical rabid dog lacking in all tact and diplomacy skills.

“I’m not going to use the excuse of being tired and these long
hours,” Storms said late Thursday at the end of the commission’s budget
hearing. “It was inexcusable, and I wanted to publicly apologize to her.”

Castor accepted the apology.

“Thank you very much, Commissioner,” Castor said.

So here's whatcha gotta go. Go here. See if you are in District 4 and if Ronda is your commissioner, well then don't vote for her next year.


  • At September 26, 2005, Blogger Northern Pike said…

    If Ms Storm can't handle a little over time stress what kind of representative will she be if Tampa Bay has to deal with the stress New Orleans is under going? I suggest Ms Storm receive multiple requests requesting she step down and do what she does best~protect her daughters from the gay way of life.


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