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September 15, 2005

On Anatomically Impossible Accusations

If any of you have two hours to spare, go over to Democracy Now and watch the debate between Respect Party MP, George Galloway and journalist Christopher Hitchens.

My favorite part is of course where Hitchens accuses George Galloway of "sinister piffle."


  • At September 15, 2005, Blogger rod said…

    Those are two people I wouldn't want to meet in a dark oratorical alley. They don't take any prisoners, regardless of their slightly eccentric positions.

  • At September 15, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    yes, but you've got to appreciate their passion and the creative personal jabs. And those accents are oh so sexy.

  • At September 15, 2005, Anonymous mary said…

    sinister piffle, sinister piffle - wouldn't that make a great musical comedy. Will check it out. I too love the brit accent.

  • At September 15, 2005, Anonymous ricky said…

    Hitchens did not accuse anyone of "sinister piffle".

    What Hitchens said, or tried to say, we'll never know.

    But after eleven o'clock in the morning, and a fifth of gin, everything Hitchens says sounds like "sinister piffle".

  • At September 15, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    you are so right. I shouldn't drink gin and listen to Hitchens until at least noon. thanks.

  • At September 15, 2005, Blogger Johnny Virgil said…

    excellent band name.


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