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September 14, 2005

Sexing up Confirmation Hearings

Since John Roberts appears to be successfully dodging all relevent questions into his judicial philosophy and he's avoiding giving any clues as to what kind of opinions he might give on particular issues, I figure why even have a hearing? Or if we do, why not make it more interesting.

As the Carpetbagger points out, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has used the hearings for a sixth grade level civics lesson with questions such as:

"So isn't it true that, normally, a case would be initiated in a
federal district court or state trial court, and a trial would be held —
often with a jury — and a judgment is rendered?"


* "So the lawyers from both sides then appear before the court, over
in the Supreme Court building, and they answer questions and make their presentations as to why they think the court should rule the way they
would like it to?"

So what questions totally un-related to government and law (because we know he won't answer those questions) would you like to ask John Roberts?

1. What kind of discipline techniques do you use on your son to get him to be so well behaved?
2. Where did you get that snazzy tie?
3. Who orgasms first, you, your wife or the family dog?
4. When you were clerking for Rehnquist, how did he take his coffee?
5. About that male pattern balding. Once you become Chief Justice, are you planning on doing anything about it?

Feel free to add yours in the comments. The Senators that have to listen to this mindless drivel are getting bored.