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September 14, 2005

You Can Die, but You Can't Hide

Even after you're dead, there's still no escape from the corruption and cronyism of the Bush Administration.

Volunteers from the National Funeral Directors Association were providing emergency mortuary services in Louisiana for free. But now, the Crony-in-Chief, George Bush has given a big ol' fat contract to Kenyon, a worldwide disaster management company, wholly owned subsidiary of Service Corporation International.

"Volunteers would have gone at no charge," said Dan Buckner, co-owner
and manager of Gowen-Smith Chapel. "Now, they'll have this job done by
people who will be paid. That kind of irks me."

Who is this Service Corporation International, you might ask?

Well gentle reader, SCI would be a Houston, TX based firm headed by Robert Waltrip, a generous contributor to the Bush dynasty. SCI was also the company involved in Funeralgate, where they were "recycling graves, removing the bodies that were there originally and throwing them in the woods to use the space to house new customers at two Jewish cemeteries in Florida."

So now that the Bushies have one of their boys doing mortuary services and body counts, does anyone really think the press will get any truthful information about the death toll in Louisiana? And even if they do happen to report things correctly, will anyone believe them?

The lies, the distortions, the cronyism and the no-bid contracts to Bush's loyal campaign contributors have ruined any remaining shreds of trust the American people could possibly still have for this Administration.

Most. Corrupt. Administration. Ever.