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September 01, 2005

One More Reason to Buy Girl Scout Cookies

As if we need another reason to buy those yummy Thin Mints and Tagalongs, but did you guys know that the Girl Scouts were being taken over by radical feminist lesbians, and the conspiracy has been going on for some time???

Help!!! Grab the kids, grab the dog! There's a radical feminist lesbian eight-year-old in a green uniform at the door selling Thin Mints!

The Concerned Women For America are all atwitter about the supposedly "pro-abortion" and "pro-lesbian" speakers that the Girl Scouts are harboring.

Some years ago, the Girls Scouts began purging materials of positive
references to homemakers. Instead of being family-centered, the group
now promotes "girl empowerment," with programs that focus heavily on a
narcissistic devotion to self, but then steered into collective action
for liberal causes, such as environmentalism.

For example, "The Ten Emerging Truths: New Directions for Girls 11-17,"
published by the Girl Scout Research Institute, includes "Truth 6: Girls
Need Empowerment: By Girls, for Girls." The report notes that a majority
of the 3,000 girls surveyed said they preferred the term "advisor" or
"counselor" over that of "leader." The girls are apparently and
approvingly supposed to be self-driven and equality-oriented, with
minimal adult supervision.

Yes, the last thing this country needs is a bunch of empowered women with a strong sense of self that want to take care of the environment.

Make sure you check out Amanda's radical feminist lesbian merit badges.


  • At September 01, 2005, Blogger Jason said…

    Quick! Someone hide the children! Oh, the humanity!

    Next, we'll hear that the Girl Scouts have been taken over by none other than Satan himself, assisted by Harry Potter and the Reds Under the Bed!

  • At September 02, 2005, Blogger Sylvana said…

    Oh my gosh! The nerve of them! Teaching the girls to be strong and confident. They should be ashamed of themselves, because that is what girls are supposed to be- ashamed!


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