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September 01, 2005

President Bush Don't Need to Be the President No Mo'

"He ain't doin' his job."

Check out this video from Crooks and Liars. I wish this Alabama resident would tell us how he really feels.

And I know that Georgie doesn't read the papers, but how could he even say something like this:

"I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees."

What complete and utter horse shit!!

This Kos Diary sites source after source proving that it was common knowledge what would happen if a storm of this size hit New Orleans. And instead of allocating money to fixing the levees and the pumping stations, the money was diverted to an illegal unjust pointless war in Iraq. And don't even get me started an where half of the Alabama and Louisiana National Guard is. Men and women whose services would be invaluble in the search and rescue missions are in the desert thousands of miles away.

And while the waters are rising and dead bodies are floating by, what is Our Leader doing? He's picking on the gee-tar.

But the White House approved talking point for this week is that "it's not the time to play politics." Tell that to the RNC, whose website yesterday displayed a big honkin' photo of King George with a bunch of sailors celebrating the 60th anniversary of V-J Day. While the DNC's website was all about helping the folks devastated by the storm.

The storm didn't stop Georgie from plugging his Medicare plan in California on Monday. But it's not a time to play politics, now it is?

And then we have the Department of Health and Human Services sending out email messages to all employees inviting them to the pro-war rally to "commemorate" the 9/11 attacks. Shouldn't they have other priorities? Like dealing with the spread of disease in New Orleans for one. But it's not a time to play politics, now it is?

If you're inclined to donate some cash to help out these people that are so incredibly screwed due to Monkey Boy and his Monkey Policies, go here. It's a coordinated effort by the liberal blogosphere to raise $1 million for the American Red Cross.


  • At September 01, 2005, Blogger Johnny Virgil said…

    Just to play devil's advocate here --- On the flip side, I got 3 emails from this week asking me for money to back Cindy Sheehan. You'd think they would be putting that on hold for a bit too, and concentrating on maybe getting some donations and soliciting some help for the people of New Orleans.

    As for the lack of funding -- (proposed category 5 upgrade project aside) This from the Chicago tribune: "The levees near Lake Pontchartrain that gave way--inundating much of the city--were completed and in good condition before the hurricane.

    However, they noted that the levees were designed for a Category 3 hurricane and couldn't handle the ferocious winds and raging waters from Hurricane Katrina, which was a Category 4 storm when it hit the coastline. The decision to build levees for a Category 3 hurricane was made decades ago based on a cost-benefit analysis."

    That being said, the funding HAS been dropping, starting with Clinton's last term.

  • At September 02, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    sure, that project was finished years ago, but the new and improved one that needed to be done didn't get done.

    The $750 million Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity Hurricane Protection project is another major Corps project, which remains about 20% incomplete due to lack of funds, said Al Naomi, project manager. That project consists of building up levees and protection for pumping stations on the east bank of the Mississippi River in Orleans, St. Bernard, St. Charles and Jefferson parishes.

    The Lake Pontchartrain project is slated to receive $3.9 million in the president's 2005 budget. Naomi said about $20 million is needed.

    "The longer we wait without funding, the more we sink," he said. "I've got at least six levee construction contracts that need to be done to raise the levee protection back to where it should be (because of settling). Right now I owe my contractors about $5 million. And we're going to have to pay them interest."

  • At September 02, 2005, Blogger Johnny Virgil said…

    yep. It's just like anything else. You can't get anyone to pony up on a what if scenario. I work in IT and I've been trying to get zero day virus protection installed for 2 years now. But until something happens and the CEO can say "what do we have to do to prevent this from happening in the future" they think the benefits don't out-weigh the cost. N.O. is a weird city. It's below sea level, and in the path of just about every hurricane that hits land in the US. And it's freakin' *sinking*. That's a bad combination. I wouldn't live there if you paid me. Ditto California.


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