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August 29, 2005

John G. Roberts, Striving to Make Everything Perfect in His Briefs

Evidently, Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts is a stickler for grammatically perfect briefs.

"Judge Roberts always viewed it as a point of pride that we really
strived to make everything in our briefs perfect
," Mr. Leitch said.
"Not that we always achieved it. But he was a stickler for everything,
from spacing errors to the formation of quotation marks to grammar, and
to the actual construction of arguments. So it was definitely an intense process."
(empasis mine, in case you had any doubts)

In a memorandum the next year, responding to a letter from David T.
Willard, an elementary school superintendent in Illinois who opposed the administration's education policies, Mr. Roberts again concluded that no
legal issues needed to be addressed by the White House counsel. But he
took the opportunity to note, "The letter is very sarcastic, although
Willard inadvertently proves our point about the quality of public
education by incorrectly using 'affect' for 'effect.' "


Mr. Garrow added, "To my mind, the interesting combination here is that
we have this very exacting insistence upon precision coupled with what,
for a lawyer, is a remarkable sense of humor."

I wonder if he has any back-alley, coat hanger, mutilated or dead women jokes up his sleeve. Now that would be fucking hilarious!