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September 02, 2005

Stop The Presses!!!

I do believe Monkey Boy just admitted that he messed up.

President Bush, facing blistering criticism for his administration's
response to Hurricane Katrina, said Friday "the results are not
acceptable" and pledged to bolster relief efforts with a personal trip
to the Gulf Coast.

Now if we could just get him to take some responsibility for that "fixing intelligence around the policy" thingy and for squandering billions of dollars on fighting a war against a nation that was not a threat.

But I'm not holding my breath.


  • At September 02, 2005, Blogger Johnny Virgil said…

    Yeah, but you'll also notice -- he didn't admit to a mistake HE made -- only "the administration." I honestly believe the guy has a pathologic inability to ever accept blame. It drives me nuts. Hell, even Clinton could bite his lower lip, look you in the eye and almost but not quite make you believe he was sorry for something.


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