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October 06, 2005

Another Sign That Ronda Storms Hates Children

Blogwood has a nice post today regarding the school children v. rich developers kerfluffle that our County Commission here in Hillsborough County is currently debating.

Yesterday, the Hillsborough BOCC, led by female impersonator
Ronda Storms (seen here in a fruitless search for an Adam’s apple),
decided to deal with the county school construction funding crisis by
"studying" the problem to ensure that a larger regressive sales tax is
enacted to ease an increase in school impact fees that would have to be
paid by developers – money that would no doubt come right out of the
commissioners’ pockets in the form of lower campaign contributions in
the coming months.

Oddly enough, a study has already been done, and it was determined that impact fees should increase substantially.

(Kathy)Castor said impact fees could be increased immediately, as
recommended by a 2004 study. Hillsborough’s $196 impact fee for school
sites, the lowest in the state, hasn’t been increased in 20 years. The
study said a $3,800 fee was necessary to catch up with growth.

And in case you have any remaining shred of compassion for Ms. Storms or think she's operating anywhere within the confines of logic or reality, read this:

Ronda continued her recent attacks against the school board, somehow
trying to lay blame
for being underfunded at the feet of an agency for
which she and her board control funding.

"Hillsborough County Commissioner Ronda Storms scolded School Board
officials Wednesday for failing to ease a classroom congestion problem
that they now call a crisis."

It's like a circus in there, and Ronda is the evil clown that makes all the kids cry.