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October 05, 2005

Bill Frist Likes it Rough

I always sorta took Bill Frist to be the gimp. You know, the catcher rather than the pitcher. The bottom rather than the top. The pickee instead of the picker.

Aside from the little cat issue he had back in med school, it seems he wants to be the one being picked on and even likes it. He likes doing whatever his Bush Administration overloads tell him to do. He was a good little slob in towing the party line during the Terri Schiavo fiasco and always does their bidding.

So, I wasn't a bit surprised when I saw he's stalling a bill in the Senate because it has some amendments curtailing torture of detainees.

One of the Senate's old bulls is locking horns with Majority Leader
Bill Frist over a stalled defense bill, spotlighting how fractious debate
over the wartime measure has become.

The challenge by Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner,
R-Va., a 27-year Senate veteran, is unusual because Warner is known for
quietly seeking consensus rather than waging public battles. It's also
rare for a defense bill written during a war to run into problems in


The stalemate began in July when Frist, R-Tenn., who shepherds
President Bush's agenda through the Senate by deciding what bills get a
vote, abruptly stopped debate on the bill. That avoided a high-profile
fight over amendments, supported by Warner and sponsored by Sen. John
McCain, R-Ariz., restricting the Pentagon's handling of detainees in the
war on terror.

The White House had threatened to veto the entire measure over the issue
and sent Vice President Dick Cheney to Capitol Hill to press the
administration's opposition.

Seeing as how Frist loves his position as the Senate's very own White House Bitch, I think he doesn't want to eliminate the joy he gets from taking it in the behind, away from others. Yes, freedom, or torture, or whatever they call it these days, is on the march.