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October 11, 2005

Pay No Attention To The Smoking Pile of Poo

MSNBC has a nice article about how Chimpy is trying to avert the media's attention away from all of his and the Republican party's miserable failures. Iraq, Harriet Miers, Tom DeLay, The CIA Outing Investigation, and let's not forget the SEC investigation of Bill Frist.

So pay no attention to the smoking pile of shit over there, and watch me swing this hammer!

Astute Blondesense commenter badgerpup, states:

I've done enough fix-it-yourself in my time to know this much;
He's not holding the hammer right, those gloves wouldn't allow a good
grip on the hammer handle...and would you just LOOK at the angle the
nail is at?!

And the hard hat as a finishing touch...Why don't they just label it
"PHOTO OP" and be done with it?

And speaking of poo, just what exactly did Chimpy mean when he penned these words to Harriet Miers?

"I appreciate your friendship and candor. Never hold back your sage advice. P.S. No more public scatology"


  • At October 11, 2005, Anonymous mary said…

    I'm amazed he knew a word that big. I would have expected, no more poo-poo talk.

  • At October 11, 2005, Anonymous Gordon said…

    The Safety Nazis should climb his frame for not wearing eye protection as well. It's a bad message for the children.


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