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October 06, 2005

See Boobies and Support a Good Cause

Get it while you can! The Fourth Annual Blogger Boobie-thon(SFW) ends on Saturday.

The fine folks at the Boobie-thon are raising money to support breast cancer research in a very creative way. They're goal is $10,000 and it ends soon, so bop on over and show you care.

You can submit covered or non-covered shots of your boobies to help support the cause, or you can view boobie-pics for a small donation.

Perfect charity for the compassionate exhibitionist or voyeur inside us all!

via Sticks of Fire

UPDATE: In other happy womens' news, a study on a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer was found to be 100% effective, at least in the short term. Can't wait to see what James Dobson and the gang say about this one. Cervical cancer is generally caused by the sexually transmitted disease, HPV and some are suggesting giving the vaccine to girls in elementary school and junior high, before they become sexually active.

Stay tuned for the great debate on whether Jesus loves little girls enough to want to protect them from cervical cancer later in life.


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